We're in the Fight.

CPF filters are at work in the following COVID-19 related applications. Additional applications are currently being tested and evaluated.


To our valued partners, distributors and future customers:

Critical Process Filtration, Inc is an essential employer of filtration products and services to many of the Critical Infrastructure Sectors as identified by the Department of Homeland Security during COVID-19. 

As a critical part of our customer’s supply chain we continue to operate at full production during this fight against COVID-19 and support the mission of our Critical Infrastructure Partners. 

Please be assured that our customers and employees are our top priority. We are implementing recommendations and best practices as defined by the WHO and CDC to reduce the spread of the virus, taking precautionary steps in the cleaning of our manufacturing site and complying with federal and state requirements surrounding this issue.

In addition to personal hygiene and warranted isolation steps, we are banning employee travel for their protection and that of our customers. Until further notice, we will rely upon phone, email and virtual meeting technology for all business interactions.

We continue to monitor the situation closely, assessing and mitigating risk to our supply chain and production operation.  Our committed staff, technical services team and manufacturing group continue to work hard to serve your filtration needs. You can count on us to do our best in meeting delivery times during this tenuous situation by keeping delays to a minimum.

We wish you, your colleagues and family all the best.



Kristen Ramalho