Shorter Lead Times for Filter Availability Keeps You Operating On Schedule

We ship in weeks, not months.

Slow delivery has plagued the market for years with many vendors offering 1-3 month lead times, and the pandemic fallout has impacted the supply chain even further.

Critical Process Filtration’s lead times have always been an advantage to our customers. We ship filters direct from our U.S. manufacturing site typically within weeks* of receiving your order.

*Times vary by type of product

Our track record speaks for itself.

  • More than 98% of customer orders shipped as promised.

  • Customer Delivery Surveys report greater than 95% satisfaction for on time delivery.

Faster Delivery Puts You in Control of Filter Inventory

Process Upset

Be prepared for when a process upset occurs and filter inventory is too low to complete a new batch. Restocking quickly will minimize production delays and avoid a shut down.


When opportunity knocks or problems arise, maintain the flexibility of trying a different filter and having it delivered in a time frame that doesn't delay your testing.

Lower Cost

Avoid extra charges for unscheduled deliveries by working with a manufacturer whose standard is to move product out the door quickly and won't charge you extra for it.

"We contacted Critical Process because of our previous vendor's poor filter performance. We chose CPF because their products performed better AND they could deliver so much faster than our previous supplier."

Process Engineer
Leading Scientific Research Corp.

Don't Let Delivery Issues Slow You Down

Transition Guide700

If delivery issues are driving you to find a new supplier, you'll want to get a copy of our transition guide.

It's a simple overview of "how" Critical Process Filtration partners with your company to improve filtration performance and keep you in control of filter inventory.

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