Clarification and Removal of Bacteria/Yeast/Mold for Wine Stabilization

The process of fine winemaking calls for the highest quality filters that remove contaminants and preserve structure.


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Critical Process Filtration products used for winemaking are designed to comply with all FDA requirements for the food industry.


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Wine Filtration - Choosing the Right Filters


Water Filtration

Water polishing is critical in protecting the quality of your wine and avoiding equipment failure. Municipal water used for amelioration, bottle rinsing and equipment cleaning (water and steam) is filtered to remove: chlorine with the ACB Filter; particulates with the FPD Filter, and bacteria with the SPS Sterilizing Filter.

Tank Vents & Process Gases

The array of tanks used throughout the process are oftentimes the source of bacteria and particulate contamination. To prevent these impurities from contaminating the juice, wine and amelioration water, the BTM Filter is attached to the tank vents.

Contamination from process gases (CO2, O2, N2) is also a critical factor since it comes in contact with the wine during blanketing. Filtering the gases with a hydrophobic BTM Filter will eliminate this risk.


Clarification is more than just reducing haze in the wine. These filters remove small diatomaceous earth (DE) particles that may leak from the initial filtration after aging and they perform as prefilters before the final filtration that prepares the wine for bottling.

Critical Process Filtration offers three types of clarification filters for winemaking that vary by media and are designed to work in different scenarios. 

FPD Filters and FHLP Filters are constructed with pleated Polypropylene depth media. These filters are designed to provide high throughput with excellent retention. The FHLP adds a high-loft layer for extra dirt holding capacity for fluids with high particle loads.

FCWPS Filters constructed with a proprietary high capacity Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane is best for the retention of small particles and to extend the life of the prefilter to accommodate a larger batch size.

FGD Filters are made with pleated Fiberglass depth media which makes them a good choice for fluids that have a high level of contaminants.

Final Filtration

For bottle rinsing before filling, SPS Filters sterilize the cleaning water. In preparation for bottling, VPS and FPS Filters are implemented to remove residual yeast that can cause a secondary fermentation and other microorganisms that can cause spoilage. Choosing the right final filter is critical to protecting the wine's shelf life and long term quality.


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