By: Critical Process Filtration on September 25th, 2019

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When Filter Inventories Run Low, Get Process Filters Delivered Fast

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It happens. Unfortunately, more often than anyone would like. You are about to process a new batch of fluids or adjust the current load and inventory status reports show that only half of the filters needed are in stock. Your next regular delivery is two months out. A phone call to your vendor reveals they can expedite your next order and it will arrive in six weeks. What do you do? You jump into crisis management mode, determined to figure out – how else can we get filters delivered fast? The answer to that question is now driving your business goal for that batch or shall we say, the cart is now leading the horse. In this article, we will discuss options for improving delivery strategies and putting the horse back in the lead.

Forecasting Has Its Limitations

Planning and improving filter-use forecasts would be your first step in managing inventory and maintaining budget goals, however, process filtration is a dynamic operation.  Growing and improving your business requires production adjustments that are not foreseen during planning. We know. We are a manufacturer that strives to be the best in our class. Change is our constant. Historical data of process filter use is just that – information from the past. It serves as a starting point but cannot forecast upsets, unexpected change-outs, or new opportunities. Your best strategy is to plan with the future in mind. That means having accessibility and flexibility that won’t break the bank when the unknown arises. A forward-thinking strategy will include quick delivery to fit your timing and budget.

Overstocking Is Costly

The simple choice in planning for future surprises would be to order an additional 10, 20, or 30% of your historical amounts. Filter vendors are happy to comply with this strategy for obvious reasons. But can your budget afford an increase of that magnitude for possible scenarios? And if you don’t know the future, choosing the right percentage is anyone’s guess. The bottom line is that this costly option doesn’t solve the need for accessibility and flexibility that fast delivery provides.

Vendor Adjustments May Be Minimal

Perhaps working with your vendor to improve delivery times is a possibility. Some will accept in-between orders as long as you can call it in early enough. With typical lead times of 6-12 weeks from many vendors that don’t give you much flexibility or meet your business demands. And RUSH orders can spike your spending and produce more paperwork, approvals, etc. Working with a vendor that provides quick delivery of process filters all the time keeps your operation running on your schedule, not the vendors.

An Inventory Strategy that Includes Fast Delivery of Process Filters

What if you could build a trifold strategy that includes historical data, provides accessibility to filters when you need them, and keeps your budget intact? As a fellow manufacturer we not only understand the corporate issues you face, but we built a business around delivering products faster than our competition. Critical Process Filtration, Inc. is unique in offering the three most important components for process filtration success: Delivery, Product, and Presales Technical Consulting – all at prices that will make you wonder why you didn’t call us sooner.

  • Deliveryour products ship in weeks, not months. That means when one process is coming to an end and you see a filter inventory shortage, you can contact us and have that product arrive fast. Our internal tracking system confirms that >98% of our orders ship when we say they will. Our manufacturing facility and production processes are designed for and continue to be fine-tuned to offer this advantage to the markets we serve. The bottom line: Critical Process delivers process filters fast and on time.
  • Productwe manufacture high-quality, validated filters that often outperform the most popular filter vendors. We’ve been delivering cartridges, capsules, and laboratory filters for over 20 years. We aim to be the best process filter manufacturer, not the biggest.
  • Technical Consulting - we spend more time with process engineers before they purchase products than with them post-installation. That’s how we “get it right the first time”. When our products are placed into your process, they work just as you expect they would. And when upsets happen, we are there to troubleshoot and support the operation with real-world solutions. Our filtration experts partnering with your process experts make a great team that is focused on your success.

Owning a delivery strategy that can respond to operational changes and opportunities is critical to avoiding delays and downtime. But fast delivery cannot stand alone. Quality products, technical consulting, and great pricing complete the package. If changing vendors is right for you, Critical Process Technical Services Team will manage the testing and transition that will ultimately result in great performance, budget reductions, excellent support, and necessary inventory.

Located in Nashua, New Hampshire, Critical Process Filtration products are Made in the USA. For more information, visit our website:, or give us a call at (603) 880-4420.