Filtration Products by Media

A full line of membrane and depth media choices at all scales.

When it comes to filters, its what's inside that counts.


PES membrane in asymmetric, symmetric positively charged options. Learn More

High Capacity PES

Thick membrane for holding particles and microorganisms. Learn more


Proven depth media and membrane options with broad chemical compatibility. Learn More

Nylon 6,6

A proven membrane with standard and positively charged options. Learn More

Hydrophobic PVDF

For broad compatibility with non-aqueous fluids, process gases and for vent filtration. Learn More

Hydrophilic PVDF

Broad chemical compatibility for aqueous fluids. Learn more


High efficiency depth media for clarification and prefiltration. Learn More


Our most hydrophobic membrane for tank vents, process gases and non-aqueous fluids. Learn More

Polyethersulfone (PES)

Highly Asymmetric PES

Allows high flows with low pressure drops. The highly asymmetric structure also allows the membrane to efficiently capture a large amount of different size particles throughout the membrane matrix while still providing a sharp retention cutoff. Available in positively charged options.

With higher flow than our charged nylon, our positively charged PES can remove negatively charged particles like endotoxins, organic molecules and colloids.




Symmetric PES

The uniform pore structure through the depth of the membrane allows high flows with the added benefit of inhibiting the grow-through of any organisms captured by the filter. Available in positively charged options.

High Capacity PES

A thick membrane with high capacity for holding particles and microorganisms. Ideal for prefiltration and bioburden reduction to protect final filters, especially in high-protein solutions or when liquids contain elements that tend to bind to filter media.





Polypropylene membranes are hydrophobic, compatible with a variety of chemicals and ideal for filtering non-aqueous chemicals and some solvents. Because of the hydrophobic nature of the membrane, it is more often used for purifying process air and gases, and protecting tank contents with tank vent filtration.

Depth, Melt Blown & Nano-Spun

Pleated depth filters have a broad chemical compatibility. Used in clarification and prefiltration applications for liquids and air/gas filtration, they are also highly efficient in the filtration of water and waste streams.

Melt Blown and Nano-Spun Polypropylene depth filters provide users a cost-effective way to reduce particles in streams and improve the performance of downstream filters.

Nylon 6,6

Standard Nylon 6,6 

For use in filtering liquids from water to specialty chemicals in a variety of industries.

Positively Charged Nylon 6,6 

Charged nylon filters can remove negatively charged particles in water (endotoxins, organic molecules and colloids). The positive charge can also help with purifying many chemical solvents by removing charged contaminants.

Hydrophobic PVDF

Naturally hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane is made from a fluoropolymer that is compatible with a wide variety of chemicals and solvents. Our high capacity membrane is cast in a form that creates high void volumes and high dirt holding capacity for filtration of non-aqueous solutions or process air and gases. The broad chemical compatibility of PVDF does make it ideal for filtering chemicals and some solvents.


Hydrophilic PVDF

Though naturally hydrophobic, our high capacity membrane is modified to make it hydrophilic and able to be wetted with water and other aqueous solutions. The broad chemical compatibility of PVDF makes it ideal for filtering chemicals and some solvents.


Pleated fiberglass is a highly efficient media used to remove large quantities of particulates in prefiltration and clarification applications.

The high dirt holding capacity and long life of fiberglass media in prefiltration applications makes it ideal in highly loaded product streams like those in juice processing, pharmaceutical prefiltration and other chemical processing applications.


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a highly hydrophobic fluoropolymer. Filter membranes made using this material are ideal for filtering non-aqueous chemicals and solvents, purifying process air and gases, and protecting tank contents via tank vent filtration. Available pre-wetted for use in aqueous applications.