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Critical Process Filtration interacts with our customers in a variety of ways. We satisfy customer needs in a positive, professional and consistent manner. All of our customers contact us for a variety of reasons, depending upon their expectations and their need for process filtration services and products.

Expert Support

Critical Process Filtration has decades of experience and knows that providing quality, cost effective products is only part of the answer to customers' needs. Even the best products have to be supported with the services of skilled personnel to troubleshoot system performance issues, identify contamination, and make unbiased recommendations on how to get better filtration performance. Critical Process Filtration is dedicated to providing cost-effective engineering and laboratory services. We will provide you actionable recommendations that will improve filtration processes.

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Filter Validation Support

Filter validation for pharmaceutical production requires extensive testing and documentation. Proving the safety and consistent performance of the filter is critical to assuring both regulatory compliance and high quality pharmaceutical production.

Critical Process Filtration partners with users to develop cost-effective filtration systems and perform application-specific tests for filter performance and safety. We provide complete documentation suitable for validation reviews by regulatory authorities.

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Working Together

We have decades of experience and strive to be called upon for our expertise as well as for being a low cost producer. We know that only supplying less expensive filters is not all that is required to reduce overall filtration costs. We work with all our customers to explore the cost benefits and improved performance available with alternative solutions from new filter to process re-engineering – and can help implement new filtration systems and protocols.

Expert Filtration Validation & Testing Services

Benchmarking for Improved Performance

Benchmarking is the most effective method of working together to improve filtration processes and reduce costs. Critical Process Filtration engineers can "Benchmark" your existing processes and determine whether significant improvements are feasible. This unique, no risk evaluation helps the customer to quantify the overall value of a process change. Should you determine that the recommended process change offers significant benefits, Critical Process Filtration engineers can provide products and services that ensure that you obtain those benefits.

Request Testing

Before implementing significant changes in filtration systems, you may want to have tests performed on your fluid, perhaps have tests conducted on used filters and, of course, test our filters in your process.

Setting up a test is simple. All you need to do click the link below to access our request form. The form should take only a few minutes to complete. We only ask for some basic information. A representative will contact you within one business day to ask a few more detailed questions and, if applicable, give some detailed instructions for handing samples and sending them to Critical Process Filtration. We turn around test results as soon as we are able, usually within a week of receiving the samples. If we are not able to complete the testing before then, we will give you an estimated completion date.

Request Testing