Filter Housings

Designing a new process or replacing an existing housing, we provide the equipment you need.

Industrial Housings

Ind Housing crop 500CIH Multi-cartridge housings have a robust swing bolt closure and are a proven design for commercial and industrial applications. Available in 304 or 316L stainless steel, all CIH housings are designed with universal cartridge cups. This gives you one housing that can meet both your nominal and absolute filtration needs and allow quick cartridge change-outs. 





CUR single

CUR Single cartridge filter housings with ring closure are a proven design suited for commercial and industrial applications. Made using 316L stainless steel, the CUR housings are designed with universal cups for use with multiple cartridge end cap configurations. Double Open End (DOE) style cartridges, 2-222 O-ring/plug cartridges and 213 internal O-ring/plug cartridges will all fit the housing. Sump seals are spring loaded for a good seal on DOE cartridges. 


Poly Housings500-2CHPN Polypropylene housings are manufactured using high purity materials giving you a wide range of compatibility and extremely low extractables. Available in ten or twenty inch lengths.  The smooth finish of the CHPN makes it ideal for high purity applications.


Sanitary Housings

Single and multi-cartridge sanitary housings (CSH), designed for high purity and critical applications are available in T-style or Inline configurations. Offered in lengths from 5 through 40 inches, they are manufactured in 316L stainless steel with a 15 RA internal finish. All CSH housings are provided with 222 or 226 cartridge adapters allowing a positive locking seal and are available with a vent & drain twist valve.

CSH1 (1) 500Sanitary Multi1 (1)

CSH Multi 900