Electronics & Semiconductor Process Filters

When only ultrapure fluids will do...

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CPF ensures an efficient filtration train utilizing quality depth filters and high purity membranes.  

Filter Retention Range

Membrane filters prevent defects by removing particulate and agglomerates to the 0.02-micron level. Depth Filters remove particles as small as 0.10 microns.

Bulk, Recirculation & Point of Use Filtration

Efficient operations depend upon the proper placement of the right filter(s) to ensure optimal yields, minimize changeovers, and guard against system upsets -- all while lowering overall filtration costs.

Avoid defects in components and final products with CPF proven solutions for the following:

CMP Polishing Slurries

Process Gases

Ultrapure Water



Substrate and media cleaning

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Filtration Resources

Filters in Electronics and Semiconductor Ultrapure Water Systems


Semiconductor and Electronics Process Filters

Filtration Need Filter Media  Device
Ultrafine particle removal in water, solvents, chemicals ENM Filter Nylon 6,6 Untitled design (25)
Fine particle removal in high purity chemicals, water and solvents EPD Filter Polypro Depth Untitled design (26)
Fine and ultrafine particle removal in aqueous fluids EPS Filter PES Untitled design (26)
Fine particle removal in gas and non-aqueous liquids with chemical compatibility ETM Filter PTFE Untitled design (25)
High capacity of fine particle retention, excellent slurry filter HLP Filter Polypro Depth Untitled design (25)
Organic contaminants and chlorine removal from plating baths ACB Filter Activated Carbon Activated carbon filter
Carbon fines and resin trap removal GDMB Filter Meltblown Polypro Untitled design (25)
Carbon fines and resin trap, high retention and throughput NSPD Filter Nanospun Polypro Untitled design (25)
Negatively-charged fine particle removal GNC Filter Nylon 6,6 Untitled design (25)

Ask us about our General Service filters

Critical Process Filtration offers economical, general service versions of some of the products listed above which can lower the total cost of filtration from simple to the most complex applications. 

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Filter Housings

CPF offers Industrial polypropylene and stainless steel housing options.

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