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Safety & Quality Control in Food & Beverage Filtration

The ever-increasing demands for product safety in consumable products require filtration solutions that are regulatory compliant. Critical Process Filtration's Food and Beverage Process Filters are constructed with materials that meet FDA requirements (Title 21CFR) for use in articles intended for repeated food contact.  Materials used are also listed in the European Commission Regulation. Refer to product data sheets for further detail.

Filters for Food & Beverage Processing

Filtration Need Filter Media Device
Reduce bacteria in fermented liquids, remove yeast and mold FPS Filter PES Untitled design (26)
Reduce bacteria in fermented liquids with heavy contaminant load, remove yeast and mold VPS Filter PES Untitled design (25)
Reduce bacteria in non-fermented liquids, remove yeast and mold FNM Filter Nylon Untitled design (25)
Remove particles while protecting the taste of food products FPD Filter Polypro Depth Untitled design (26)
High contaminant holding capacity for food products FGD Filter Fiberglass Untitled design (26)
High-capacity membrane for clarification and filling of food products FCWPS Filter PES Untitled design (26)
Clarification of non-fermenting food products FNM Filter Nylon 6,6 Untitled design (26)
Retain high particle loads in food products while protecting the taste FHLP Filter PES Untitled design (25)
Tank Vent & Process Gas
Fine particle removal, for gas and non-aqueous liquids with chemical compatibility ETM Filter PTFE Untitled design (25)
Hydrophobic sterilizing filter with high airflow and low-pressure drops PTR Filter PTFE Untitled design (25)
Hydrophobic sterilizing filter with chemical compatibility PTM Filter PTFE Cartridge and capsule drawing
Hydrophobic bioburden reduction with high flow and throughput BTM Filter PTFE Group of 3 100x100 px

wine splashWine

Wine-making is as much an art as a science. Your wine requirements coupled with our filtration knowledge, culminate in your unique product. 


beer splash

Proper filtration in beer brewing removes damaging particles and organisms created by the natural process and contaminants that enter through external sources. 


shutterstock_504792643Each Distiller creates its unique flavor. Distilled spirits require proper filtration to remove impurities across various process steps -- ensuring a smooth, pure product. 

Soft Drinks/Soda

soda splash

Particle removal, bacteria control, water treatment, and package sterilizing is the role of our high-performance filters in protecting soft drink product quality and safety. 


juice splash

Filtration aids in extending shelf life and preserving the flavor of your products. Juices are protected by removing sediment and spoilage organisms in ingredients, tanks, and process gases.

oil splash Edible Oils

Clarification filters remove the sediment that causes haze and removes other visual contaminants so your product is clear and appealing to your consumer.

liquid sugar splashLiquid Sugars

CPF Clarification filters remove suspended solids in many types of sugars used as ingredients (sucrose, glucose, etc.) as well as final products such as syrups. 


Ask Us About Our General Service Filters

Critical Process Filtration offers economical, general service versions of the products listed above which can lower the total cost of filtration from simple to the most complex applications.  Explore General Service Filters

Filter Housings

CPF offers both Industrial and Sanitary housing options. Go to Datasheets

CPF Filtration Evaluation


We take the guesswork out of making changes to your filtration process with a complimentary evaluation.

With hundreds of filter configurations to choose from, our application engineers can shorten your search by learning your filtration goals and making recommendations for your operation.  

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Water Filtration in Food & Beverage Processing

Precision filtration is critical to the safe production of spring water, purified water, mineral water and distilled water. 


Food and Beverage Water Purification Filters (1)-1

Particle Removal
High capacity membrane for clarification and filling FCWPS Filter PES Untitled design (25)
Removes chlorine and organic matter ACB Filter Activated Carbon Block Cartridge etched logo small
Carbon fines and resin trap removal GDMB Filter Meltblown Polypro Untitled design (25)
Carbon fines and resin trap, high retention and throughput NSPD Filter Nanospun Polypro Untitled design (25)
High temperature applications SC Filter Stainless Steel Cartridge etched logo small
Filtration Need Filter Media  Device
High flow and throughput, liquids with protein and preservatives PPS Filter  PES Untitled design (26)
Increased capacity for high particle load  HPPS Filter PES Untitled design (26)
High flow rate, single layer SPS Filter   PES Untitled design (26)
Bioburden Control

Reduce microbials, low binding for fluids with proteins and preservatives

FPS Filter


Untitled design (26)

Microbial reduction and broad chemical compatibility

FNM Filter 


Untitled design (25)
Endotoxin Removal
Sterilizing and endotoxin removal PPC Filter PES+ Untitled design (25)
Sterilizing and endotoxin removal,  broad chemical compatibility  PNC Filter Nylon+ Untitled design (25)
Endotoxin removal GPC Filter PES+ Untitled design (25)

Quality Assurance and Standards

Critical Process Filtration filters are designed for use in cGMP compliant processes. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and quality-management system both meet ISO 9001:2015 standards. Each operation from assembly and test to cleaning, drying, and packaging is done in appropriately rated clean rooms, and each filter is assigned a lot code to ensure the traceability of manufacturing data and materials. A sophisticated MRP system collects and processes real-time data from manufacturing centers and inspection points. 

USP Biosafety and FDA Compliance

The materials used to construct pharmaceutical-grade filters are non-toxic and meet the requirements for the MEM Elution Cytotoxicity Test and the requirements for Biological Reactivity Tests in the current version of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for Class VI - 121 °C Plastics. Critical Process Filtration filters comply with Title 21 CFR sections 210.3 (b)(6) and 211.72, for non-fiber-releasing filters. The levels of bacterial endotoxins in aqueous extracts from pharmaceutical-grade filters are below current USP limits as specified for water for injection.