Water Filtration

From water source to point-of-use, CPF proven filters improve water system efficiency through prefiltration, removal of particulate left behind by other filters, and meeting strict bacteria requirements.

Critical Process Filtration Water Filter Solutions



Enhance your system with filtration to ensure results and protect RO membranes

  Prefilters protect expensive RO membranes and increase their longevity

  Particle Removal Filters capture resins and carbon fines left behind by other systems

  Sterilizing and Bioburden Control Filters retain Bacteria in accordance with USP and FDA standards for WFI, cleaning, sanitizing, filling and point-of-use filtration

  Endotoxin Filters remove gram-negative bacteria fragments left by UV systems 

  Tank Vent Filters protect tank contents from microbial invasion when air enters the vessel

  Process Gas Filters are used during purification to remove impurities from any gases used

Water filters at work in critical manufacturing processes

"We started using your filters long before I started working here. We haven't replaced your filters with one of our other vendors because they work great."

Water Systems Supervisor
Large Semiconductor Manufacturer

Popular Replacement Filters for Central Water Systems

Critical Process Filtration - Filter Devices

CPF General Service Filters offer the Most Economical Solution for Particle Filtration

While General Service filters are not integrity tested or validated for retention, these highly efficient filters remove large amounts of contaminants early in the process to reduce the load on your more expensive downstream filters.  Produced using the same quality materials and manufacturing excellence as our other product lines, you can be assured of their performance, dependability and scalability.

  GCWPS (High Capacity PES) clarification of water with high particle loads - stand-alone or as a prefilter

  GPS (PES Membrane) fine particle removal with low binding

  GPD (Polypropylene Depth) high retention of large-sized particulate

  GGD (Fiberglass) has high throughput and particle-holding capacity

  GDMB (Meltblown Polypropylene) carbon fines and resin trap removal

  NSPD (Nanospun Polypropylene) carbon fines and resin trap, high retention and throughput