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Rely on 20+ years of filtration expertise to design, manufacture, validate and support your best system yet.

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How Can We Help?

When process filtration is critical to consumer safety and brand protection, we take a comprehensive approach.

Highly Configurable Proven Filters

Media choices and device options that meet your process requirements and create a one-of-a-kind filtration system. Made in the USA. Review Products

Testing / Validation Services & Support

Your process experts partner with our application engineers for a "get it right the first time" solution. How It Works

Built In Cost Optimization

Pricing, performance and support that significantly lowers your costs. How We Compare

Unparalleled Lead Times

Protect inventories levels by getting products when you need them. See Details

Products are designed to meet industry requirements,

and optimized to meet yours.

It takes a seasoned filter manufacturer to help you start a new process or make changes to an existing one.

New Process Development

Engineers at computer500-1Whether you are an early stage company developing a new product, or a longstanding  operation that's in search of a trusted supplier,  working with Critical Process Filtration's experts will assure you of a robust filtration system that works the first time and each time, until your process changes.

Changes to an Existing Process

If making filtration changes to your process is as simple as finding an "equivalent filter", call us. With over 9 types of media, and hundreds of cartridge and capsule configurations, we're bound to have what you need.

When revalidation is required, Critical Process Filtration is ready to shoulder some of the load and pave a smooth transition. We can validate your fluids with our products on our site or yours.

To learn more about how we work together to implement your one-of-a-kind filtration system that protects consumers, your brand, and improves overall production, request a copy of Building Partnerships That Last today.