Custom Filtration Systems

When designing and developing a new filtration system, understanding process fluids is the key to success.

From P&ID to installation to system testing, we work with you to determine the best filtration operation for your process.

Design Process

First we ask & listen. Learning your goals, fluids, industry requirements, contaminants to be removed, system cleaning needs and operational budget requirements is the starting point for collaborating on the new design.

System Photo Hero


System Manufacture/Installation

Drawing review and approvals lead to the next step of engaging supply partners and skilled technicians to build the system, which is then tested before installing at your site. All necessary certifications, drawings and operating instructions are provided. Onsite operator training and startup support is optional.

System Features

The typical system features would include:

  • Stainless steel/customer specified housings
  • Stainless steel/customer specified piping 
  • Stainless steel/customer specified connections
  • Automated controls
  • Custom configurations

To discuss options and learn more about how we can support your new system design, contact Technical Services at (603) 880-4420.


Technical Services