Filtration in Graphics Ink Manufacturing

Optimize Filter Performance at Every Stage of Your Process to Deliver Products for High Quality Printing

Pigmented Inks

Our filters remove large particles and agglomerates and contribute to the mixing process assuring full dispersion of pigments. Filtration also prevents printhead clogging to deliver consistent, high-quality printing. 


Solvent-Based Inks

Critical Process Filtration products with multiple media materials are compatible with the production of non-aqueous, solvent-based inks. Our filters remove oversize particles and disperse colorants, so you deliver great printing results.


Dye-Based Inks

Print performance depends on dyes free of particles and organic contaminants. Our filters are used to remove undissolved dye components, gels and bacteria that may clog printheads.


UV Curable Inks

Our filters allow the production of consistent, high-quality inks with UV-curable elements. We work with you to choose the right media to manage system pressure drop so you can deliver bright, long-lasting images.

Proven Solutions for Critical Filter Functions

You Do Not Have to Go It Alone

Our Technical Experts Can Help You Find a Solution Among So Many Choices and Variables

When filtration performance isn't meeting expectations, or you are developing a new process and a fresh perspective is needed, you can count on us to help troubleshoot and configure the best-fit solution for your operation.

Purchasing New Filters

With so many options to choose from, our experts provide advice that will help you "get it right the first time". Talk to our Filtration Experts for your questions and filtration needs at (603) 880-4420 or email us at


Have a Filtration Challenge

Need a quick answer? With our complimentary service, we will evaluate your issue and respond promptly. Tell us about your challenge.


In Need of Technical Services

Our technical services team can provide testing, analysis, and validation services, as well as on-site support. Learn more.

Devices for All Flow Rates Using the Same Media and Materials

Disc filters for lab work, mini-capsule filters for bench scale, standard capsules for pilot production through single-use, and cartridges for dedicated systems -- all are made using the same polymers and media for consistent performance.


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Quality Assurance and Standards

Critical Process Filtration filters are designed for use in cGMP compliant processes. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and quality-management system both meet ISO 9001:2015 standards. Each operation from assembly and test to cleaning, drying, and packaging is done in appropriately rated clean rooms, and each filter is assigned a lot code to ensure the traceability of manufacturing data and materials. A sophisticated MRP system collects and processes real-time data from manufacturing centers and inspection points.