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Process Filter Vendor Comparisons

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Quality & Performance

Critical process applications demand filter quality and proven performance. At CPF we deliver both or we won't sell you a filter.

ISO 90012015 LogoCPF's manufacturing process has multiple verification checkpoints from start to finish, maintaining lot traceability. From Quality Control's rigorous inspection of raw materials before entering production, to a proprietary manufacturing process in a clean room environment, to post assembly inspection for Quality Assurance, all under a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System  -  CPF products are safe and perform as promised.

For the most critical applications, you can be assured of filtration performance through our verification/validation service - the documented results of testing your process stream with our products.
Equivalent Filters

Small CPF vs. Other Major Vendors no borderCPF offers a wide selection of depth and membrane filter configurations for the most critical and common functions of filtration.

When filtration issues cause you to search for a better solution, there's a high probability that we'll have a like or equivalent filter that delivers the performance you require. And we partner with you to deliver the kind of support that keeps your operation running smoothly.
  • Same media, pore size and device
  • Same performance with different media
  • Faster delivery
  • Better price points and cost optimization
  • Responsive technical service & support

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Pricing is rarely the first question you'll ask when inquiring about process filters, but we know how important it is.

Cost Control 1000 cropDetermining the right combination of filters to meet your performance goals will no doubt be the priority. Once that is established, identifying filters that keep your costs to a minimum is the process we call Cost Optimization. 

Customers have experienced overall operation cost reductions of 30-40% after improving their filtration system design and installing CPF filters.


When comparing price on a model to model basis with popular large vendors, our prices are up to 25% lower.

And even greater savings and efficiency are achieved when you partner with us on the design or restructuring of your filtration system. 

When comparing CPF products with catalog dealers that stock limited products & configurations, we win some and lose some.

If pricing is your only priority, an off-the-shelf supplier may be your best bet. However, if pricing and performance are equal requirements, Critical Process Filtration can help you lower your overall filtration costs, improve performance and provide technical support throughout the life of the process.

Technical Services & Support 

Tech Svc1500 compressedWe work with you right from the start and support your operation for as long as needed. 

Our account management team consists of technical sales reps working side by side with our Application Engineers, so you'll be working with a team of experts to consult, answer your questions and perform necessary testing to confirm filtration performance.


   Presales Consulting

   Design Consulting

   Testing & Analytical Services

   Verification/Validation Services

   Training & Installation Support

   Phone/Email Customer Support

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