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Ultrapure Chemical Processing

Filtration is critical in a number of chemical distribution and use applications. All liquid chemicals used during production must be free from contaminants to preserve process yields and protect process efficiency. Critical steps in assuring contaminant free chemicals are the bulk and point-of-use filtration of those chemicals.

Distributing Ultrapure Chemicals

How much filtration is required for chemical distribution depends on the initial quality of the chemicals, the storage system, the distribution equipment and the environmental conditions at your facility. Using the wide range of Critical Process Filtration filter products from depth filters to high purity membranes, chemical distribution filtration can help improve your yields.

Point-of-Use Filtration

The last contamination control step before any cleaning chemical, photoresist, etchant or stripper contacts a wafer or substrate is the filter used in the tool at the point of dispensing or in the recirculation loop. Membrane filters with compatible materials will help prevent defects by removing particulate and agglomerates to the 0.03 micron level.

Multiple Filter Media, Any Scale

With configurations ranging from 13mm disc filters to 40" cartridge filters, Critical Process Filtration can provide filters for any volume of liquid or gas required in your process. All of our products are made in cleanrooms with the same attention to quality, cleanliness, and cost. Whether evaluating the filtration of a new fluid or polishing high volumes of UPDI water in the distribution loop, Critical Process Filtration will work with you to create the most cost effective process possible.

To estimate the number of filters you will need for your application, use our unique sizing tools.

Contact Critical Process Filtration to learn how we can evaluate your facility and recommend filtration that will safeguard chemical quality.