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Your Partner for Process Filtration Solutions

If you are researching how to solve a filtration problem, looking for ways to improve your process filtration results, looking for faster delivery of your filters or just seeing if you can make your filter system more efficient, use our decades of experience to help – and our filter prices may surprise you.

We are a vertically integrated, ISO 9001:2008 certified, American manufacturer of filtration products. We serve industries in which filtration is a critical part of the manufacturing process.


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Filters for Every Step of Drug Manufacturing

With a wide range of membrane and media options in multiple devices, we can help you at every stage of your process and every scale.


Media Preparation to Purification and Packaging

Many options for processing biopharmaceutical and biological products using membrane and media options in multiple devices for all scales.


Device Reprocessing to Dialysis Water

Protect patients by removing bacteria and endotoxin in water for medical device wash/rinse; and water based solutions used in medical facilities.

Food & Beverage

Beverage Processing to Cleaning Solutions

Get great taste and regulatory compliance with filters for wine, beer, bottled water, juice processing, and other food processing operations.

Water Treatment

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Clean Rinse Water to Ultrapure Water

Filters for water used in critical processes in medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and even cleaning operations. Protect your quality and brand.

Electronics & Pure Chemicals

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Semiconductors & Ultrapure Chemicals

High yields in fabricating semiconductors, flat panel displays, storage media, photovoltaics and the ultrapure chemicals and water to make them.

Industrial & Specialty Filters

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Specialty Chemicals & Service Processes

Helping you cost-effectively improve processing of specialty chemicals, high quality ink jet inks, and other liquids for industrial and service processes.

Custom Filtration Systems

Engineered Systems for Your Applications

We design custom systems for specific applications in partnership with our customers for cost-effective operation and optimized performance