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Process Development

Design Consulting

For Process Engineers starting a new project or making changes to an existing process, our Application Engineers will partner with you to design a highly efficient filtration operation. It's like having a dedicated filtration expert on your team, without the overhead.

We save you research time and unnecessary costs by pinpointing the right filter media, retention rating and sizing/number of filters in a uniquely designed filtration train configured to meet your process requirements. And, we confirm filter performance through testing so you can be assured that CPF filters perform as required.

Process design consulting can include specification of system components, process recommendations, as well as piping & instrumentation diagrams. If you are working with an engineering/consulting firm we will collaborate with them and your team to ensure all filtration performance goals are met.

identifying the best filter or troubleshooting

Testing & Analytical Services

When purchasing new filters or investigating unsatisfactory performance in your process, these services provide testing of fluids and an evaluation of current procedures. Filter analysis includes microscopy and other resources to measure particle counts, turbidity, pH, etc. 

These services can be performed on your site or in our lab. We partner with third parties for tests we do not perform in-house and manage the process on your behalf. The end product is a report documenting results and CPF recommendations based on the findings. 

Customer Support

Customer service rep maleWhen technical issues arise, our Technical Support team is just a phone call or email away.

(603) 880-4420

Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5PM ET


Verification/Validation Services

Critical Process Filtration will test your process stream on our product to ensure filter performance.

  • Verifying that our filters will meet your performance goals
  • Validating performance set forth by regulatory bodies
  • Assisting with protocol development and execution

Training & Installation Support

All filter and housing products come with easy-to-follow installation instructions for your operators.

Newly designed systems and larger operations may require installation support, startup assistance, training for operators or troubleshooting. Critical Process Filtration can provide technical support at your location or by video conferencing.