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Data Storage

Newer data storage technologies like HAMR (Heat Assisted Media Recording) and BPM (Bit Patterned Media) are pushing manufacturing precision requirements to higher and higher levels. As the gap between reader and media grows smaller and smaller, contamination control becomes more and more critical.

High Purity Polishing and Cleaning

To create the surface required for the new storage media, critical steps are substrate cleaning and preparation and media cleaning. Critical Process Filtration has the filter solutions for filtration of CMP slurries, ultrapure water and cleaning chemicals used in pre- and post-plating applications.

Protect Yields from Plating Solution Contamination

Whether for the initial zinc plating process or the final nickel plating, Critical Process Filtration has membrane filtration options that remove contaminants to the levels you need. Made in a cleanroom, all Critical Process Filters have very low extractables and ultra-low TOC.

To estimate the number of filters you will need for your application, use our unique sizing tools.

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