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Electronic & High Purity Chemicals Facilities

Filtration is critical in a number of facilities functions. All liquids and gases used during production must be free from contaminants to preserve process yields and protect process efficiency. The first step in assuring contaminant free fluids is filtration as those fluids enter the facility.

Reliably Deliver Ultrapure Water

Preparing water for any purpose uses filtration, but ultrapure, 18+ megohm/cm water calls for specialized expertise. Critical Process Filtration has decades of experience with water filtration to help you find the right filter combination for your facility. We have the technologies that will protect your system from the point where water enters your facility from its water source (municipal or on site) through RO/DI to polishing filtration.

Assure Ultrapure Chemicals

The filtration required for distribution of ultrapure chemicals depends on the quality of the chemicals delivered to your facility, the cleanliness of your storage and distribution equipment and the environmental conditions at your facility. Critical Process Filtration has the expertise to evaluate your facility and recommend filtration that will safeguard chemical quality.

Protect Yields from Air/Gas Contamination

The level of filtration of process gases is also dependent on the quality of the gas delivered to your facility, distribution system operation and the environmental conditions at your location.

To estimate the number of filters you will need for your application, use our unique sizing tools.

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