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Photolithography technology allows the continued growth of computing power through smaller and smaller device geometries. With multi-layer circuitry, semiconductor chips are more complex and require even more contamination control measures to assure acceptable yields.

Changes in the photolithography process have created the need for higher quality contamination control steps. These critical processes include filtration of photoresists, developers, coatings and solvents.

Bulk Filtration

Bulk filtration is performed at both the chemical manufacturers and in distribution systems at fabrication facilities. The filtration process may use a number of cartridges to progressively remove contaminants from large volumes of chemicals to a level required by the process tools.

Point-of-Use Filtration

The final filters to protect photolithography yields are in the tools in the fabrication facility. Point-of-use filter systems will remove particulates while also preventing microbubble formation, both of which could cause defects on wafer surfaces.

To estimate the number of filters you will need for your application, use our unique sizing tools.

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