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Plating Processes

The nickel and copper plating processes for semiconductor or data storage are critical to the manufacturing of reliable products. Electroless nickel is plated on aluminum substrate for data storage media. Copper is deposited on semiconductors to create the functioning circuits. Particulate contaminants in either metals solution cause defects and reduce yields.

Contaminants in Plating Baths

Plating baths can have both particle and chemical contaminants. To remove particles, our polypropylene depth filters have the broad chemical compatibility needed to filter the many chemicals used for plating and printed circuit boards. Whether water, cleaning solutions, acid plating solutions, photoresists, strippers, or etchants, polypropylene is likely compatible. Critical Process offers melt blown and pleated flat sheet filters with polypropylene media for particle removal in high purity applications.

Plating baths may also be contaminated with organic chemicals. Activated carbon filters will remove most organic chemical contaminants and chlorine.

Recirculating Baths

Plating, etching and cleaning baths are often recirculated through filters to maintain purity. The solution is pumped through a filter and then returned to the bath. Filter systems are sized and managed based on the recirculation flow rate with more filters used for higher flow rates to maintain filter efficiency and extend filter life.

Critical Process Filtration also offers several membrane options in multiple device sizes to provide high efficiency, cost effective filter performance for operations wanting to remove sub-micron sized particles.

To estimate the number of filters you will need for your application, use our unique sizing tools.

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