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CMP Slurries

Chemical Mechanical Polishing solutions have improved the process of creating multi-layer semiconductor circuits. By making the layers a uniform thickness, they allow the reliable deposition of multiple layers. The polishing process is repeated after each layer is created.

Bulk Filtration

Bulk filtration is performed at both the slurry manufacturers and in slurry mixing and distribution systems at fabrication facilities. Because of the very high particulate loading of the slurries, multiple cartridges may be used to progressively remove oversized particulates from large volumes of solution to the level required by the polishing tools.

Point-of-Use Filtration

The final filters to protect the polishing process are in the tools at the fabrication facility. The point-of-use filter system will remove oversized particulates and, if the solution is recirculated, remove polishing debris.

To estimate the number of filters you will need for your application, use our unique sizing tools.

Critical Process Filtration offers multiple depth filtration media and device options for use in CMP slurries.

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