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We are ready to find solutions to filtration performance issues you might face. With our decades of experience at Critical Process Filtration, we understand filter performance and what factors can affect it. We bring that experience to solving filtration performance issues. Two of our standard services are described below. We can perform other analyses and provide direct field support, if necessary, to help you improve filtration efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Fluid Sample Analyses

When designing a new filter system or investigating an unexpected drop in filter performance, filter users often request analyses to determine the quantity and quality of the contaminants in the fluid they filter or plan to filter. Critical Process Filtration offers customers analytical services to learn what inorganic particles, bacteria or other organic particulates are present in their fluid. We can also test various filtration solutions to determine the most efficient and effective combination for your fluid. Then you can make an informed decision about the filters to use for the most cost-effective filtration.

Post-Use Filter Analyses

From time to time, filter users experience a mysterious drop in filter life or an unexplained filter failure. Critical Process Filtration can perform tests on the filters to try to clear up the questions surrounding these events.

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