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About Critical Process Filtration, Inc.

An Experienced, Vertically Integrated Supplier

Critical Process Filtration, Inc.® was founded in 1998. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of premium process filtration products and services. We have decades of experience in multiple industries, including pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing, food & beverage processing, electronics and chemical processing. In all of those industries, high quality, efficient filtration processes are critical to their success.

Our product line includes filtration cartridges, capsules and laboratory disc filters using membranes and depth media. We cast our own polyethersulfone, PVDF, and Nylon 6,6. We source other proprietary media and membrane using materials such as polypropylene, fiberglass, and PTFE.

We Pay Attention to Your Bottom Line

Critical Process Filtration, Inc. is dedicated to offering our customers superior quality products at the lowest cost possible. Our goal is to provide robust and cost-effective filtration backed with expert support. With our decades of experience in optimizing filtration processes and labor inputs, we're experts at minimizing cost per volume and providing the right equipment at the right size and price.

We not only provide competitively priced filters, we ship products quickly. Standard shipping is within 5 business days for cartridge filter orders and 10 business days for capsule filter orders. We will stock specific items for customers using blanket orders with forecasted usage to provide even faster delivery. Contact us if you have a supply emergency to see if we can expedite delivery. For all our customers, fast delivery reduces inventory needs and reduces costs, improving the bottom line.

Manufacturing Efficiency and High Quality

We can offer low prices because we are vertically integrated. With our manufacturing operations in southern New Hampshire, USA, we are in an area with a highly educated workforce and low business fees and taxes. All of that helps us attract and retain our talented employees, and you benefit from their experience in the efficient and cost-effective production of our products from raw materials to final assembly and warehousing.

We have a long standing commitment to quality. We have been ISO 9001 certified for years and renewed our I SO 9001 certification in 2013. We plan to expand our certification to include ISO 13485 for medical device manufacturing within the next year.

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We Offer a Personal Touch

Our Customer Service and Technical Support departments are available via e-mail or through a phone call answered by a real person.*

Call Customer Service to place an order, track a shipment or ask questions about pricing and delivery.

For questions on how to solve tough filtration problems, apply our filters, or to learn details about our technologies, just call and ask for Technical Support.

*During Normal Business Hours of 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time (US) Monday through Friday except holidays