Process Filter Pricing and Optimizing Your Costs

Your filtration supplier's pricing will impact your budget one way or the other.

Cost Optimization will drive it in the right direction.

Pricing is rarely the first question you'll ask when inquiring about process filters. Determining the right combination of filters to meet your performance goals will be the priority. Once that is established, identifying filters that keep your costs to a minimum is the process we call Cost Optimization. 

A well mapped out filtration system that includes a combination of low, medium and higher priced filters will be your most cost-effective system. Add to that our very competitive pricing and your overall filtration costs are greatly minimized. For instance, utilizing low cost prefilters to remove the bulk of contaminants will protect the higher priced final filters from clogging prematurely and causing unexpected change-outs, which drives costs up.

Let our experts save you money and lower your overall filtration costs with a system that is designed to perform in the most efficient and budget-friendly way.

How we compare to other vendors.

When comparing price on a model to model basis with popular large vendors, our prices are up to 25%  lower. And even greater savings and efficiency are achieved when you partner with us on the design or restructuring of your filtration system. 

When comparing CPF products model to model with catalog dealers that stock limited products & configurations, we win some and lose some. If pricing is your only priority, an off-the-shelf supplier may be your best bet. However, if pricing and performance are equal requirements, Critical Process can help you lower your overall filtration costs, improve performance and provide technical support throughout the life of the process.

Vendor comparisons

Customers have experienced overall operation cost reductions of 30-40% after improving their filtration system design and installing CPF filters.

Competitive process filter pricing & cost optimization deliver savings!

We know you have choices when it comes to filter vendors, and we always appreciate a seat at the table. With Critical Process Filtration you can count on:

  • Savings that improve your bottom line
  • Proven and reliable products that meet your process performance goals
  • Technical support whenever you need it
  • Fast delivery

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