Technical Support & Validation Services

Starting a New Process?

Get it right the first time with filtration experts who can design, manufacture and support your filters. Avoid the pitfalls that come with new development and benefit from a robust filtration solution that will perform like clockwork everyday until your process changes. 

Making a Change to Your Existing System?

Change notifications, performance, cost, delivery - whatever the impetus for driving your system modifications, we can help. Profit from the insight, products and support needed to achieve your performance matrix. Testing and validation services can be done on your site or in our lab.

Top 4 Advantages of Technical Support in Filtration

Teamwork Builds Better Solutions

From initial inquiry through the life of the process, your team interacts with our Application Engineers who are committed to your success. The exchange of information and ideas will determine the best filtration solution for your process.

Performance Assurance

Testing is the key to insuring the performance you demand. When validation is required working with one vendor to manage your testing simplifies the process. Our ability to reconfigure filters for a tailored fit, assures you of great performance.

Application Expertise

Our Application Engineers are highly experienced in filtration technology and the dynamics that impact filter functionality in your environment.  Their knowledge of media and the ability to configure the right filter for your fluids takes the guesswork out of filtration.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from troubleshooting support and analytical services when upsets occur. Services are available onsite or in our lab throughout the life of the process. We are here for the long haul so you can count on future support. (Our original customers are still with us!)

Partnering is one of the reasons customers that started with us over 20 years ago are still with us today. We'd be privileged to add your organization to that list.


Choosing a new filtration provider can be quite a project.

Transition Guide700

Reading this guide will simplify your research.

When looking to improve filtration performance, the process of searching and evaluating new vendors can be very time consuming. This guide is a quick overview of "how" we work with your team to meet your filtration goals. After reading it you'll know if taking the next step with Critical Process Filtration is in your best interest.

To request your copy of Making the Transition to Critical Process Filtration, just fill out the form and we'll send you a download link. 



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