Capsule Filters

For filtering process fluids, air and gases.

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Multi and Single Use Capsule Filters

For Process Development, Pilot-scale, and Small to Medium Applications. 

Available in Polypropylene, Fiberglass, PES, PVDF, Nylon 6-6 and PTFE

Capsule filters protect operators and environment during setup, production and cleaning, while delivering high performance to your filtration system and single use applications.  Their rigid construction stands up to back pressurization and demanding usage, especially autoclave sterilization and chemical sanitization. Critical Process capsules are available pre-sterilized for specific applications.
Designed and manufactured under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, these American made filters are made to comply with industry standards and optimized to meet yours. Each filter consists of a standard cartridge encapsulated in a dedicated polypropylene housing. Sizes range from 2 to 30 inches in length, with a variety of end connections.

Depth Media Capsule Filters

These capsules have high dirt holding capacity as they trap particles of many sizes within the fibers of the media. Pleated media offers increased surface area and long life, while Melt Blown and Nano Spun filters offer a rigid structure for high pressure applications. These Nominal rated filters are most often used in prefiltration & clarification applications.

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Membrane Capsule Filters

Membrane capsules filter contaminants on the surface of the media by capturing particles that are greater than the rated pore size.  These Absolute rated filters are most often used in sterilizing and final filtration and when chemical compatibility is needed.  Choose from a wide selection of proven membranes designed for specific applications.

Product Data Sheets

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Scale Up with No Surprises Using Devices Made with the Same Media and Materials

Disc filters for lab work, mini-capsule filters for bench scale, standard capsules for pilot production through single-use, and cartridges for dedicated systems -- all are made using the same polymers and media for consistent performance.