Laboratory Filters

For Laboratory Research, Bench-Scale Testing and Process Development.

Single-Use Mini-Capsule Filters

Available with Polypropylene and Fiberglass Depth Media, and PES, PVDF, Nylon 6,6 and PTFE Membrane Media
Mini-Capsule filters are ideal for bench scale process development. They protect users from exposure to the process and protect fluids from environmental contaminants. Mini-Capsule filters deliver high performance and their rigid construction stands up to back pressurization and demanding usage, including autoclave sterilization and chemical sanitization. Most Critical Process Mini-Capsules are available pre-sterilized for specific applications.
Each Mini-Capsule consists of a mini-cartridge encapsulated in a dedicated polypropylene housing with a variety of end connections. They are made with all the same materials as our standard filters to ensure consistent results.

Depth Media Mini-Capsule Filters

These Mini-Capsules have high dirt holding capacity, trapping particles of many sizes within the fibers of the media. Pleated media offers a high surface area and long life. These Nominally rated filters are most often used in prefiltration & clarification applications.

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Membrane Mini-Capsule Filters

Membrane Mini-Capsule filters retain contaminants on the surface of the media, capturing particles that are larger than the rated pore size.  These Absolute rated filters are most often used in sterilizing and final filtration and when chemical compatibility is needed.  Choose from a wide selection of proven membranes designed for specific applications.

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Mini capsules 700-1


Scale Up with No Surprises Using Devices Made with the Same Media and Materials

Disc filters for lab work, mini-capsule filters for bench scale, standard capsules for pilot production through single-use, and cartridges for dedicated systems -- all are made using the same polymers and media for consistent performance.

Flat Disc Filters

Available in Polypropylene, Fiberglass, PES, PVDF, Nylon 6-6 and PTFE

Flat disc filters make testing for compatibility and efficiency simpler for researchers in early stage product development. They are well suited for pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, solvents, water and process gases in the following applications:

  • Aseptic Sampling of Fluids
  • Contamination Analysis
  • Particulate & Filterability Testing
  • Process Scale-Up Studies
  • Validation Studies
  • Small Vent Filters

Disc filters blue 500Disc filters are also available in a wide range of sizes for each media to fit your current disc holders. 

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47 mm Disc Holder

Disc holder 1      Disc holder 2

The CSH 47 mm Disc Holder is a popular size for laboratory testing.

Made from 316L stainless steel, they are true sanitary housings with no threaded vents or ports. They come with a clamp on twist valve assembly allowing for complete removal and cleaning of all components. The sanitary vent valve facilitates venting, draining, sampling, and integrity testing, and a single clamp closure enables easy disassembly and disc change out.

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