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Reduce Operating Costs | Improved Filter Efficiency | Prefiltration

By: Critical Process Filtration
June 18th, 2020

    Most Commonly Asked Filtration Question Series     In every process, the final filter plays the most critical role in assuring that your filtrate meets expectations and requirements. It is typically the most expensive filter as well. The useful life span of a final filter will determine your change-out schedule and impact your filtration costs. But what if you could extend the life of your final filters, improve process efficiency, and lower filtration costs? With the right Prefiltration strategy you can. We've been helping process teams since 1998 by offering real business and technical filtration solutions that achieve our customers' goals. Critical Process Filtration is a mid-sized filter manufacturer that has designed and shipped millions of filters to hundreds of companies producing pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, electronics, medical supplies, and more. We have complied with the most commonly asked questions and situations that most filtration operations experience. Today we'll explore Prefiltration and how it impacts process efficiency and costs.